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    YourBiotics is the only ProBiotic containing Archaea Microbes.  Archaea were once thought to be only extreme environment microbes but our research has shown them to be a VITAL and ANCIENT member of the TREE OF LIFE in Biology.  All life on planet earth can are made of Bacteria, Multi-Cellular Organisms such as plants, animals, we humans and fungi and last but certainly not least, Archaea microbes.  Our research has found their truth.  They are the Directors of the Microbiome and the Protectors of the Microbiome using electrostatic charge to break apart chemical bonds and so they can detoxify the body and our planet!  They will destroy what should not be in the microbiome!  We haven't tested everything but what we have tested, they have done just that - destroyed it!  We have YourBiotics for human use and YourLawn&GardenProBiotics for our land.  It will detoxify the body and the land and bring life back to it!  Your body can digest food without microbiology but it cannot do a very good job of it.  Farms are the same.  Crops grow without microbiology but not very well.  Add microbiology and everything on the planet does a better job.

    We are the ONLY ProBiotic on the market that is PUFF DRIED or Pressure Dried.  Freeze Drying harms microbiology.  It thus is not very effective.  So we invented a better way that will keep microbiology alive and waiting to get to work once they are mixed with water or body fluids.

    We also are the ONLY ProBiotic on the market to follow NATURE'S LAWS.  Nature NEVER HAS 50 Billion CFU and NEVER HAS 1 or a few microbes.  What our research has found is that Nature ALWAYS HAS Variation of ALL forms of life from bacteria, archaea and fungi to animals, plants and trees.  It varies all day, every day and every inch and every mile.  It is NEVER CONSTANT.  Yet the ProBiotic industry uses made up rules that violate NATURE'S LAWS.  

    There simply in 2023, is NOTHING ELSE LIKE YourBiotics and YourLawn&GardenProBiotics for the health of YOU and OUR LAND!

    Sincerely, Dr. Jeffrey J. West